Bryan SchweitzerHello, I’m Bryan Preuss Schweitzer, aka BPSANCHO, although my background is in wine, as a Sommelier and a winemaker, I’ve always also loved beer, in fact I’ve consumed more than my share. There is an old allegory that a lot of beer goes into the making of wine, but the reverse is not true. I never drink wine while making beer, but I do travel the world thirsty for good times and knowledge. Along the way, my palate for beer as evolved along with a growing craft beer industry here in the US. I like to think I take a technical and methodical approach to my beer consumption, studying every nuance, and always thinking about food that would pair well. I’m not a beer expert, but I am studying my ass off on the road to expert status. Dan MedinaHello, I’m Dan Medina, aka PUERTOREBREW, I suppose that my beer swilling career started relatively young. My dad would buy my brothers and I a non-alcohol beer concoction called Moosey when I was like 7 or 8 years old. In high school we started brewing beer. I am not sure that we realized it at the time, but we were making beer because we knew that there had to be something better out there than Newcastle and Bass. Florida had all these crazy importing laws because of the Budweiser brewery in Tampa which were preventing us from getting most of the micro-brews available in the northeast and and on the west coast. After drinking a Harpoon IPA for the first time when i was 16, I realized just how good beer can be. Ever since then beer has been tasting better and better and the more I drink, the thirstier I get.
Josh WallaceHello, I’m Josh Wallace, aka MTNJOSH, a native to Seattle, I’ve been enjoying the craft beers of fine brewmeisters for over a decade now. I lean heavily toward the big IPA’s, Barley wines, and most anything wood aged, but appreciate well made beers of most any style. I’ve been fortunate enough to find myself friends with a good circle of beer geeks, so getting a hold of that rare bomber or “sold out” bottle is easier than finding powder at Baker. With this site, I hope that we can introduce people to some of the better beers and help them avoid some of the bottled piss that’s out there. There’s plenty of both! Cheers! Jason WellesHi, my name is Jason Welles, aka jdub. Since the days of drinking warm Keystone Light swiped from the garage of my friend’s dad as a kid, i have been interested in beer. Particularly in finding beer that tasted better than that. Now, somewhat older, if not much wiser, I have done a considerable amount of research in this area. I am happy to report that, according to studies conducted by yours truly, there are a huge variety of options out there, and almost every one of them tastes better than warm Keystone Light.