Let’s face it folks, the “American Palate” is changing, and the craft beer world is changing along with it. Fifty years ago there were only a handful of breweries in the US, all brewing the same uninteresting homogeneous light beer. Today there are dozens, if not hundreds in every state. Most of these breweries are small batch producers, focusing on all the different traditional styles of beer, and creating a few new categories along the way.

Our Beer Club is your opportunity to explore this ever expanding craft beer world. We are your guides up a gigantic mountain of beer.You will select the beer style, and we will send you four amazing representations of that style.

How it works:

After joining our the Beer Club, every three months you’ll receive an email with your queue of beer styles to choose from,  you can then select the three beers styles you would like to explore. You will be billed monthly on the date that you joined the Ambassador of Beer Club. Based on your style selections, we will choose four exemplary large format beers of that particular style.

Membership includes: Quarterly Beer Queue access, and 4 amazing large format beers a month, An official “beer sherpa” t shirt!

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Price: $30.00

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