New Belgium Brewing Le Terroir

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The lips of faith series is the small batch and specialty crafted beer series made by the pioneer brewers in Fort Collins. Le Terroir is a dry hopped sour ale, aged in barrels for some unstated amount of time and allowed to develop under varying conditions. This creates a beer which changes each time its made. This edition has an amazing citrus hop bouquet on the nose filled with smells familiar to beers like Pliny the elder and hop 15. The taste is intense! If you are looking for something smooth and understated look somewhere else. This ale fills your palate with flavors to ponder. Lots of sour orange and soggy wood. Its as if there are two beers coming out of the bottle. The one I smell and the one I taste. Good news, I like them both. Drink this beer often.

Boulder Beer Co. Killer Penguin 2010

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Brewed in a single batch, this beer comes out once a year during winter. Pours a ruby red with a decent amount of carb. Tastes of caramel and malt with lots of alcohol. Smooth as a babies batute. I think you could put this beer on a pedestal simply for the quality of its finish. The bottle is sealed with a wax top so i guess they want us to cellar this one for a while. Drink this beer often.

Laurelwood Brewing Co. Workhorse IPA

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Copper color. On the nose, medium+ intensity, resin, toasted oats, grapefruit, floral and quite fragrant hoppy component. On the palate, nicely balanced hop, malt and fruit, medium intensity, solid IPA, with good length to the finish. These people know what they are doing and I look forward to drinkning more of their beer.

Liefmans Cuvee Brut

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imageMade in a brewing house that’s been making beer long before we fought for our independence against the limey king. Brewed once a year then carefully aged and blended after soaking in cherries. This ruby red treat is more sweet than sour and is making we wish I had a pile of Belgian waffles to wash down this belgian beer. Sour on the nose but definitely sweet in the mouth. Lots of sweet cherry and strawberry flavor but I crave a bit more sour to balance the sweet than this one offers.

Ninkasi Brewing Co. Total Domination

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I would call this beer a good example of an introductory IPA. Just about everyone makes a double IPA these days so the enjoyment factor for the hop heads is usually a lot higher with the doubles. Making a really good “single” IPA may soon become a lost art with the standard of what is considered hoppy growing exponentially. This beer has a great balance of bitter, floral, and smooth, finishing with a warm breathe of booze. Word on the street is Ninkasi was purchased by the corporate douce nozzels at Bud so congrats to the brewery owners but I half expect the quality of beer from the boys in Eugene to turn to shÎte but we shall see.  In the meantime, drink this beer often.

Boulevard Brewing Co Bourbon Barrel Quad

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I heard this beer was ridiculous, and we waited about a year to finally get a few bottles, but did arrive, and all the wait and hype has been worth the wait. Brown to amber color. On the nose, medium+ intensity, sour cherry, malty component, “big league chew” powdery flowery fragrance, and really interesting smokey caramel. On the palate, big time body and flavor, medium+ intensity, cherries, candy, caramel, with lots of depth, and a solid finish. This beer wears the 11.8% abv pretty well.

Great Divide Brewing Co. Espresso Oaked Yeti

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Now featuring a small series of Yeti’s, Great Divide from Colorado, is making

great examples of american imperial stout. This one is a coffee lovers masterpiece. Strong dark roasted coffee flavors, I mean this isn’t a suggestion of the taste of coffee or coffee notes, it tastes like someone dumped a triple shot into the bottle. Dark chocolate, toasted coconut and cigar tobacco

round this beer out and make it


great beer for either breakfast OR dinner.

Silver City Fat Scotch Ale

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I’ve always called this Fat Bastard… I think it used to be? Anyway, I love the idea of a scotch ale. Unfortunately most of them are too thin, too weak, or too tasteless to be enjoyed. This is not one of those! I go back to this beer often! It is all about peat, wood, and smokey malt! Pleasantly sweet with subtle chocolate and spiced fruit notes. It hides its 9% abv surprisingly well and makes a bomber go down way too fast! Another great beer to sit back and enjoy with friends, a plate of cheeses and a long game of Scrabble. And another bottle!

Swan Lake Brewery Samurai Barley Ale

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The only thing I’ve been able to find out about this beer is that it won Gold medal at the World Beer Awards and is considered Asia’s finest barley wine! I don’t know that I’ve had any other barley wines from Asia, but this one would stand strong against any of my favorite American barley wines. It was very similar to Doggie Claws (which I had after this) in color and nose. Perhaps a bit more hop presence and definitely some wood. I tried to find if it is wood aged but the breweries web site is all in Japanese and the other beer review sites dont have this one either! An Ambassador First! It pours a nice burnt orange/amber with very little carbonation. Immediate nose of alcohol (10%), wood, sweet candied fruits, slighter toffee notes and a floral hoppy tinge. The taste is right on par with the nose! De-frickin-licious! Medium to high mouth and carbonation makes this extremely palatable! Long aftertaste of candied apples, honey, and oak! I will picking up more of these ones for sure! This one helped to wash down chocolate Buche De Noel!

Russian River Brewing Co. Supplication

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This is my first exposure to this brew, after lots of hype and lots of love for other beers from this brewery. Copper orange color. On the nose, very complex, medium+ intensity, sour malty component, cherry, licorice, hay, earthy, a lot going on. On the palate, dry, sour apples and cherries, with so much depth, awesome balance, this beer is just loaded with character. I think I might have fallen in love tonight.

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